What does it mean to refresh a Notion workspace?

A Workspace Refresh means making a concerted effort to bring order, structure, and control to the Connected Workspace where your team works.



  1. space in which to work



  1. give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate

Defining the Problem

Our goal at Notion is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to begin writing and building documents, wikis, and projects. This frictionless experience is a core tenet of Notion and a large part of the reason people love using our platform. However, as more and more people begin to collaborate in a single Notion workspace, the location of a document and their permissions become almost as important as the content itself. If users can’t find documents they are looking for and are unable to interact with them properly, it doesn’t matter how good the underlying content is.

Oftentimes, workspaces grow organically without systems in place to bring order to this growth. The result is a messy workspace that makes it harder for users to find what they need, and results in a subpar user experience. The solution is a Workspace Refresh. The process outlined in this document will guide you towards a world where your workspace feels structured, clean, and easy to use.

A true Workspace Refresh is a complex undertaking that requires ownership and buy-in from stakeholders across your company. The effort will be worth it, and the ownership structure you establish will ensure that your workspace continues to retain order as it grows.

Workspace Refresh

Part 1: Assemble your council

Part 2: Understand your workspace

Part 3: Workspace Structure